February 2017 Tournament Sign-ups

Posted by JJ McClimon on Jan 26 2017 at 07:02PM PST

Greetings Celtic Elite Families,

Please register for your February tournaments here. Level 1 wrestlers who pay as you go include 2 tournaments a month. We are collecting results until February 4, 2017. This month, we have included the wrestler’s birthday to the form to assist us in adding them to a tournament using trackwrestling.

Please use the following steps to ensure that you register your wrestler successfully:

1. Fill out the form with your wrestler’s information.

2. Select the payment plan ($400 or $600) you chose when registering for the program.

3. Click “Submit”

4. Regardless of whether your tournaments are included or not, you MUST go to checkout to fully compete the registration.

5. If your tournaments are included, choose “Pay offline” at the checkout. If your tournaments are not included, choose your method of payment at the checkout.

Pay As You GO: Tournament Payment is due no later than Saturday February 4, 2017 for those wrestlers who did not pay the $600 to include all tournament expenses at registration. Pay As You Go Only: Cost of each tournament is $20 each and must be placed in the green registration folder at practice. Please place your payment in an envelope with your wrestlers name on it and place it in the green pouch. Please supply your own envelope. If you are in need of reimbursement or credit from last month, please let us know.

A separate registration will be used for Regionals. Information will be forthcoming.

Please feel free to contact with any questions, comments, questions and/or concerns.


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