Posted by Celtic Admin on Dec 28 2016 at 07:42PM PST

Hello Celtic Elite Family,

For those looking to watch some great wrestling at the collegiate level, Northwestern is hosting its 54th Annual Midlands Championship. The tournament runs Thursday and Friday. Please see the link below for your reference:

This is a fantastic tournament that I had the pleasure of competing in during my career at Northwestern. However, this year is very special to me as I’ve been asked by a former wrestler to coach him during this year’s tournament. Johnny Jimenez is in his sophomore year at Wisconsin and is competing at the 125lb weight class. He is wrestling “unattached” during his redshirt season, which means he cannot be coached by his university. Johnny was a 4x state champion for me at Marmion Academy. It is truly a great honor to be asked by Johnny and it makes me proud to continue my promise as his coach for life. I hope to see you there tomorrow or Friday, but if nothing else, please root for him online or over the Big Ten Network.


Coach Cumbee