Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Posted by Celtic Admin on Dec 18 2016 at 04:16PM PST

Hello Celtic Elite Family,

I really don’t know how to say thank you enough so I figure saying it 3 times in the Subject Line was a good start. This weekend, you once again proved how fortunate we are to have you with our program. From organizing, to setting up, to running it, to cleaning up, and everything in between, we were never short of parents wanting to help. Everyone did an excellent job!

A special thanks to our tournament director. You did a fantastic job and the feedback has been amazing. Thank you for spending countless hours over the past 2 months to ensure a successful tournament. I was truly impressed with how the CE Tournament represented our program. (I purposely left his name out bc he doesn’t want any recognition for his efforts…truly an awesome person).

Thank you again to all that helped. Please try and have a relaxing rest of your weekend.


Coach Cumbee