Team Pictures and Other Random Things to Tell You :-)

Posted by Celtic Admin on Dec 05 2016 at 07:38PM PST

Hello Celtic Elite Family,

Team and individual pictures are going to be Tuesday, December 13th @ 6pm at the CE facility. I have attached the order form for your reference. We will also get the hard copy form to your wrestler by Saturday’s practice at the latest.

Singlets are supposedly enroute and ready for handout at practice this week…I’ll believe it when I see it!

Shorts are available and hopefully passed out to the kids by this week. This I know to be true bc I actually held the shorts in my hand.

Spirit Wear shouldn’t be much longer. Want a date? Can’t/Won’t give you one. I’ve learned my lesson about making promises on email.

Ok, I think that’s it. Sorry for the informality of this email. I am just thrilled with this team, the families, and the direction we are headed. It was so awesome to see most of you this past weekend. Thank you again for everything you do. I’m already looking forward to next weekend’s tournament!

Thank you,

Coach Cumbee

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