In a perfect wrestling world...

Posted by Celtic Admin on Dec 03 2016 at 09:24AM PST

Hello Celtic Elite Family,

In a perfect wrestling world everything would run smoothly and deadlines and promises would be met. As many of you found out today, we do not live in said world. The singlets were not shipped on Friday as promised. Those who ordered are being told to wear their old singlets or are given loaners for this weekend. We should be set for this weekend but bringing any old singlets tomorrow could be helpful as well. The new singlets are SUPPOSEDLY still in Ann Arbor, MI set to be delivered Monday. We have passed out t-shirts and will have the shorts soon.

I want to apologize to all of you for this inconvenience. I sincerely thank all of you for your flexibility and understanding. Certain things are out of my control, but I promise you I will continue to put in my 100% effort to make things right. You are the best parents in the world and I’m so proud of our team. I cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow!!!

Thank you,

Coach Cumbee