Good Luck to Celtic Elite at Winter Nationals and IKWF Rosters.

Posted by Celtic Admin on Nov 19 2016 at 07:21AM PST

Good Morning,

We would like to wish everyone competing at the Winter National preseason tournament good luck!

We are continuing to update the website and email notifications. Some of the members have not been added due to incomplete online registrations. We will be reaching out to those families this week. If you have received the notification in error, please advise the sender by replying to

Please double check the IKWF website to verify that your wrestler is registered. Go to the website and click on Rosters. Choose Celtic Elite. Look under Active Roster and Pending Roster. I want to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Any wrestler or coach listed on a club’s ACTIVE roster is eligible for IKWF competition. Once on the active roster, wrestlers and coaches are eligible for the entire IKWF season.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation. We will be continuing to improve the system over the next couple days.

Thank You!


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